Yeast-Based Drug Discovery

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The humanized yeast model has emerged as a powerful tool in large-scale screenings directed to target human proteins. The high degree of cellular processes conservation between the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and higher eukaryotes has made this microorganism a valuable cell model to study the pathobiology of several human diseases.  The yeast target-based approach can be highly useful in the first-line screening of potential active compounds to be tested in more complex cell models.

Bio films: The majority of bacteria live not planktonically, but as residents of sessile biofilm communities. The human gastrointestinal (GI) tract encompasses a plethora of nutritional and physicochemical environments, many of which are ideal for biofilm formation and survival. However, little is known of the nature, function, and clinical relevance of these communities.

Vaccines: Enolase 1 (Eno1p) of Candida albicans is an immunodominant antigen. However, conventional technologies for preparing an injectable vaccine require purification of the antigenic protein and preparation of an adjuvant. To develop a novel type of oral vaccine against candidiasis, we need to generate cells that display the on their surfaces.


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