Yeast Bioremediation

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Bioremediation refers to the bioremediation or biodegradation of contaminants and hazardous pollutants in the environment using yeast. Environment is under great stress due to industrialization and human interfering on the limited natural resources. Bioremediation is an increasingly popular method using microbial strains and their enzymes for degrading waste contaminants such as chlorinated pesticides or other pollutants to protect the environment from pollution. Bioremediation is based on biodegradative processes related to microbial population dynamics in soil or water and its ability to consume xenobiotic as carbon source.

  • Oil/Chemical Spills
  • Disposal of Toxic Compounds
  • Excessive Treatment of Agricultural Surfaces
  • Phytoremediation
  • Pollution Cleaning Techniques
  • Contaminated Soil Disposal
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Soil Bio-fumigant Treatments for Control Pathogens

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