Yeast Stress and its Response

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Every cell has developed mechanisms to respond to changes in its environment and to adapt its growth and metabolism to unfavourable conditions. The unicellular eukaryote yeast has long proven as a particularly useful model system for the analysis of cellular stress responses, and the completion of the yeast genome sequence has only added to its power.there are some factors leading to yeast stress.There are some factors leading to stress response of yeast like Oxygen, pH, Nutrients,Toxins, Temperature.

  • Fungal Biology in Extreme Environments
  • Stress mechanisms and responses : molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, cellular biology
  • Yeast photobiology in the context of stress
  • Role of stress in yeast pathogenesis (in plant- and animal systems)
  • Yeast stress in agriculture: including biological control of insect pests
  • Yeast stress in the industry: including biofuel and food production
  • Ionizing radiation and yeast stress
  • Yeast stress and its implications on Bioremediation

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